If You’re Having a Party, You Have to Have an Evo!

Have you heard of an Evo yet? If not, take a close look at how much fun outdoor grilling can be. The Evo flattop grill is fueled by propane or natural gas. It will enable you to cook foods you never thought you could outside and it’s so easy. The Evo makes great traditional grilling foods like steaks, burgers and chicken. The best thing about the Evo is you can cook so many healthy foods that are so difficult to cook on a traditional grill like shrimp, scallops, blackened fish and fresh veggies (stir fry is delicious!). My favorite thing to cook is breakfast. The Evo makes great pancakes, eggs, hash browns and awesome bacon! The Evo is so easy to clean and is a great source of entertainment. You’ll be the envy of your neighborhood. Evo is available as a stand alone grill or can be built into an outdoor kitchen. Call us for pricing and design ideas.